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SR22 Financial Responsibility – What Is It?

Q: What is the Sr22 Financial responsibility form?

A: The Sr22 Financial responsibility form is a very expensive piece of paper, which may be required of you by a judge or simply by the law or your state. You may be required to file an SR22 form if you have violated a certain traffic or insurance law. It all depends on what state you live in, but some typical things which will get you in trouble and filing an SR22 are driving drunk and driving uninsured, so if you do any of those things, unless you’re in a state which doesn’t require SR22s at all, then you’re stuck.

Your Sr22 Financial responsibility acts as proof of car insurance coverage with your Department of Motor Vehicles, and in most cases you will have to file it for three years. Some states, like Texas, have shorter filing periods, while other states have filing periods which vary depending on your category of offense and how many times you have reoffended.

An Sr22 Financial responsibility form is require to reinstate a suspended license. Once your license is reinstated, if you don’t pay your premium any time during your required filing period, your license is yet again suspended.

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